Layers //// Its Not Complicated (But It Is) @ Current Space

Check out an upcoming show of local artists at the Current Space!

Current Space is proud to present Layers, an exhibition featuring latest works by Elena Johnston and Monique Crabb. AND Its Not Complicated (But It Is), a solo exhibition by Sara Havekotte.

Opening Reception : November 11, 7 - 10pm
Exhibition Duration : November 11 - December 3
Gallery Hours : Sat & Sun, 12 - 4pm

LAYERS is an interwoven collection of paintings and quilts by Baltimore-based artists Elena Johnston and Monique Crabb. In the past several years, Johnston and Crabb have shifted their personal art practices to incorporate new mediums and materials while relying heavily on experimentation as a driving force. The result is a new collection of work that celebrates color and shape in all of their forms.

It’s Not Complicated (But It Is) showcases a world where the trials of growing up in the Internet age are merged with art history. Sara’s work encompasses two larger topics, modern day social culture and the history of women’s representation in art. The subjects in Sara’s paintings take cue’s from her daily routines, her body, and her daily interactions. In her works, Sara asks the questions “how do we create a community in today’s world while maintaining personal freedom, and can we achieve both painlessly. “ In works such as Don’t, Go, Don’t Go, I Don’t Know, we see the back and forth between deciding what to do with an unpredictable lover and realizing you carry the same unpredictability in yourself.


Sara Havekotte, (Untitled), acrylic on canvas, 2017

Sara Havekotte, (Untitled), acrylic on canvas, 2017